Weather Content

Use the Campus Weather Forecast asset

UPDATE - Due to recent changes with National Weather Service data feeds, the default weather content type in Four Winds Content Manager is being retired. Sign managers should use the updated instructions below to display weather info on thier digital signs.

Step 1

Your content library has a pre-configured Live Data object called Campus-Weather-Forecast.

Do not select the default Weather content type

To use the weather object, find it in the content library. Right-click on Campus-Weather-Forecast and select Duplicate 'Campus-Weather-Forecast' in Category.

network tree duplicating an asset

Step 2

To format the display of the weather info, you may edit its layout.

Step 3

If you are using the default Weather content type, remove it from your template. Right-click the Weather asset and select remove.

remove the weather content type

Step 4

Drag the Campus-Weather-Forecast object over the region of your template. Save your template.

After releasing the mouse, you should see the content assigned to the region.
Campus weather forecast asset in a template region

Step 5

Use Preview to verify that the campus weather asset has been added correctly.

preview button to verify the asset was duplicated correctly

Step 6

After you have verified that the weather object has been added correctly, deploy the new content. Right-click on your sign and select Deploy.

visual path to deploy to a sign

Extra Notes

In the default version of the Weather content type, the zip code was a user editable field. The forecast "location" in the new weather object is established for each main campus location in the network tree and requires no user intervention.

The size of the region to which you assign the new Campus-Weather-Forecast object determine how much weather information displays. Edit the layout of the region to change the display.