Content Player

Content Player Monitor

Player Monitor works with Content Player to ensure proper functionality for your digital sign.

Prior to deploying content to a player, consider the following:

  • Thoroughly test your content player machine and content. An ideal test would be running the player continually for several days. You can test any revisions to templates and content on the Content Manager software.
  • The player machine should have its screen saver and sleep mode disabled.
  • If your digital sign content requires a specific application (such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint), ensure that your machine has the application installed.

Step 1

From the actual Content Player computer, launch the Content Player software. Content Player will automatically display the content you've deployed in full screen mode.

Step 2

Press control + Q to stop displaying content and go to the Monitor menu. The monitor will have a status of Stopped. Click the Start button to continue playing your content full-screen. Click Shut Down to exit the Content Player.

content player screen

Step 3

In the Content Player toolbar, you can Start, Stop, or Shut Down the Content Player. You can also select Switch to Default Desktop to go to the computer's desktop without shutting down the content player.

switch to desktop on monitor menu

Step 4

Under Help in the toolbar, clicking About will give information on the player’s version and licensing.

about selection under help

Step 5

You can also manage other settings in the content player, such as remote monitoring of your sign.