Add a transition to your template, region, or content type. A transition is how the content is introduced and dismissed when it plays on the digital sign. Set different transition styles for the start of play and the end of play.

When adding transitions to region and content items, Content Manager Web will look at the content transition and then the region transition.

Use caution when adding transitions within durations or the types of durations. It is recommended to use slides and fades.

Step 1

Right click on the Content Type, Region, or Template and select Transitions from the menu. Note: Transitions applied only to templates is recommended.

Step 2

The Transitions window opens. Select a Transition Type for when the item starts playing (In) and ends playing (Out). A reccomended option is to use only the 'in' or 'out' transition and use it consistently for all transitions.

See a list of available transitions below. Click OK then preview the transitions. Select the Transition Types that look best for your display.

Step 3

After selecting your transitions, save changes.

Available Transitions

  • Banded Swirl
  • Blinds
  • Blood
  • Checkerboard
  • Circle Reveal
  • Circle Stretch
  • Circular Blur
  • Cloud Reveal
  • Crumble
  • Diagonal Wipe
  • Diamonds
  • Dissolve
  • Door
  • Dots
  • Double Rotate Wipe
  • Drop Fade
  • Explosion
  • Fade
  • Fade and Blur
  • Fade and Grow
  • Flip
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Horizontal Wipe
  • Least Bright
  • Line Reveal
  • Melt
  • Most Bright
  • Page
  • Pixelate
  • Pixelate In
  • Pixelate Out
  • Radial Blur
  • Radial Wiggle
  • Random Circle Reveal
  • Ripple
  • Roll
  • Rotate
  • Rotate Crumble
  • Rotate Wipe
  • Saturate
  • Shrink
  • Slide
  • Smooth Swirl Grid
  • Star
  • Swirl
  • Swirl Grid
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Vertical Wipe
  • Water
  • Wave