Remote Monitoring

Set Up Remote Monitoring on the Content Player

Step 1

Start the Content Player.

Step 2

While the Content Player is running, press Ctrl + C on the keyboard. This opens the Configuration window. Go to the Device tab and click the down arrow for Maintenance.

content player configuration window selections

Step 3

Under Maintenance, check the box for Log screenshot every [time] (hh:mm:ss). In the time field, enter 30 seconds. Click OK.

log screenshot time

Set Up Remote Monitoring on Content Manager Desktop

Step 1

In the Network Overview, select the player you want to monitor. Click the Network Monitor icon.

network monitor button

Step 2

In the right-hand column the name of the player will display. Click the Select Columns button.

select column button for network monitoring

Step 3

The Select Network Monitor Columns window will open. Check the box for Screenshot. Other columns may be selected as desired. Click OK.

network monitor columns

Step 4

Above the list of players, your player’s name will display with a checkbox for Refresh every [number] minutes. To monitor the player with screenshots, check the box and enter the number of minutes you want the screen to refresh.

refresh remote monitoring

Step 5

If you want to force a refresh, click the Refresh button.

refresh button for network monitoring