Administrative Tasks

Digital Signage Setup for IT Pros

Requesting new signs to be added to the system:

Step 1

Complete the request form.

Step 2

Contact for any questions or other requests.

Installations and Hardware Considerations:

Step 1

Complete the Facilities Request Form from the University Architect’s Office (UAO). The UAO must consider and address any ADA and building code concerns, and must approve any installs of power and network.

Step 2

After approval from the UAO, Purchase hardware and request power and data if not already installed.

Prepare a computer for digital signage

Step 2

Ensure that your computer’s operating system is MS Windows version 7 or 10.

Step 3

Setup a “local” (NON-admin ADS) user account.

Step 4

Configure the machine for automatic reboot (auto-logon).

Step 5

Set the Computer Name and bind it to ADS.

Tip: Use SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).

Step 6

Download/Install/Update VLC Player.

Step 7

Add Content Player to Startup Folder.

Step 8

Turn on Power-On Recovery in Bios.

Firewall Exceptions:

If you require firewall protection, make sure to allow the following IP address:

Locking machines down:

GPOs (Group Policy Objects) are a good way to set policies in AD-joined windows computers. Use them to prohibit access to the start menu, disable right-click, etc. and we could tweak just-in-case someone did gain access to the desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we get a license on our Content Player machine?

A. We will push the the Content Player license from here once the software is installed and once the player machine is in the realm.

Q. Does the IP address need to be static for the FWI client, or can it be dynamic (DHCP)?

A. We now recommend using a static IP. Request a static IP Address if you need one.

Q. Does the license server and the content management software both use the same port to access the client? And if so, which one? 445/137/138/139 TCP/UDP?

A. Our Content Manager uses the following ports: the UDP port 7: ICMP Echo for pinging systems and TCP ports 139 and 445: Windows File Sharing for deployments.